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new kind of economic policy game

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Statistical histograms and numbers are dull reading.
Why not do something quite different, but containing the same information referring to the reality of national economy?

Suomen kansantalous
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Screen divided into two parts for two years. Both parts containing in the midst an enclosure for targets. Outside the fence the instruments as dwarfs, pygmies, demons, angels moving, growing, diminishing at will of the player. The four targets: growth, inflation, unemployment, current account could be phantoms inside both fences. The unambiguous value of the loss-function could be a cloud shadowing the sun, the task being to diminish the cloud and obtain thus the full sunshine. At the beginning the phantoms would have certain size, then become larger or smaller according to the policy used by the player. Sound and color effects could be added.

It could well be imagined that the modern game-playing youth would be interested, not least by knowing the real background of this game, for which the closed circle of National Accounts gives realistic limits. How about those preparing to participate in high level education entrance exams? Understanding national economy by using policy game would be completely appropriate.

We should in 2017 organize Finland 100 year of popular economics!
(as it was in 1967 for Finland 50)
Then this easy but informative economic policy game woud be appropriate.

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