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On all pages below the same individual books are considered from different points of view. Books are classified to ge>nres and assessed with stars between 1 and 3 in case of papebooks and 1 to 5 in e-books. An occasional visitor may this way find hints for reading. For me the most important pages are reviews as language exercises. I write in English and let Google translate into other languages. My exercises consist of making and checking these translations as well as looking up and making notes of unknown words and idioms. Amazon has published about a hundred of my reviews in various languages.
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20220117Соловьев Сергей Михайлович: История России с древнейших времен. Том 3rus 466 4* $0
20220122Hédin Sven: Ázsia Szívében 2hun 298 4* $0
20220207Hóman Bálint – Szekfű Gyula: Magyar történethun 165 4* $0
20220217John Maynard Keynes: The Economic Consequences of the Peaceeng 117 4* $0
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