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-180001 CHAPTER ONE The Flowering of Human Consciousness
-17000101 Evocation
-17000102 The Purpose of This Book
-13000103 Our Inherited Dysfunction
-5000104 The Arising New Consciousness
-3000105 Spirituality and Religion
2000106 The Urgency of Transformation
2000107 A New Heaven and a New Earth
60002 CHAPTER TWO Ego: The Current State of Humanity
8000201 The Illusory Self
8000202 The Voice in the Head
12000203 Content and Structure of the Ego
16000204 Identification with Things
19000205 The Lost Ring
22000206 The Illusion of Ownership
27000207 Wanting: The Need for More I
29000208 Identification with the Body
33000209 Feeling the Inner Body
34000210 Forgetfulness of Being
35000211 From Descartes’s Error to Sartre’s Insight
36000212 The Peace That Passes All Understanding
370003 CHAPTER THREE The Core of Ego
42000301 Complaining and Resentment
45000302 Reactivity and Grievances
48000303 Being Right, Making Wrong
49000304 In Defense of an Illusion
50000305 Truth: Relative or Absolute?
54000306 The Ego Is Not Personal
55000307 War Is a Mind-set
56000308 Do You Want Peace or Drama?
59000309 Beyond Ego: Your True Identity
60000310 All Structures Are Unstable
61000311 The Ego’s Need to Feel Superior
65000312 Ego and Fame
660004 CHAPTER FOUR Role-playing: The Many Faces of the Ego
68000401 Villain, Victim, Lover
68000402 Letting Go of Self-Definition
71000403 Pre-established Roles
72000404 Temporary Roles
75000405 The Monk with Sweaty Palm
76000406 Happiness as a Role Vs True Happiness
77000407 Parenthood: Role or Function?
85000408 Conscious Suffering
85000409 Conscious Parenting
85000410 Recognizing Your Child
86000411 Giving Up Role-playing
89000412 The Pathological Ego
92000413 The Background Unhappiness
94000414 The Secret of Happiness
98000415 Pathological Forms of Ego
104000416 The Ego in Illness
106000417 The Collective Ego
1100005 CHAPTER FIVE The Pain-Body
111000501 The Birth of Emotion
115000502 Emotions and the Ego
116000503 The Duck with a Human Mind
120000504 Carrying the Past
120000505 Individual and Collective
125000506 How the Pain-Body Renews Itself
126000507 How the Pain-Body Feeds on Your Thoughts
126000508 How the Pain-Body Feeds on Drama
131000509 Dense Pain-Bodies
133000510 Entertainment, the Media, and the Pain-Body
135000511 The Collective Female Pain-Body
136000512 National and Racial Pain-Bodies
1420006 CHAPTER SIX Breaking Free
143000601 Presence
149000602 The Return of the Pain-Body
149000603 The Pain-Body in Children
151000604 Unhappiness
154000605 Breaking Identification with the Pain-Body
156000606 "Triggers"
162000607 The Pain-Body as an Awakener
164000608 Breaking Free of the Pain-Body
1650007 CHAPTER SEVEN Finding Who You Truly Are
167000701 Who You Think You Are
169000702 Abundance
173000703 Knowing Yourself and Knowing About Yourself
175000704 Chaos and Higher Order
176000705 Good and Bad
177000706 Not Minding What Happens
180000707 Is That So?
185000708 The Paradox of Time
189000709 The Dreamer and the Dream
190000710 Going Beyond Limitation
192000711 The Joy of Being
197000712 As Without, So Within
2050008 CHAPTER EIGHT The Discovery of Inner Space
205000801 Object Consciousness and Space Consciousness
210000802 Falling Below and Rising Above Thought
211000803 Television
215000804 Recognizing Inner Space
218000805 Can You Hear the Mountain Stream?
219000806 Right Action
220000807 Perceiving Without Naming
222000808 Who Is the Experiencer?
223000809 The Breath
228000810 Addictions
229000811 Inner Body Awareness
230000812 Inner and Outer Space
234000813 Noticing the Gaps
235000814 Lose Yourself to Find Yourself
235000815 Stillness
2380009 CHAPTER NINE Your Inner Purpose
241000901 Awakening
243000902 A Dialogue on Inner Purpose
2600010 CHAPTER TEN A New Earth
263001001 A Brief History of Your Life
265001002 Awakening and the Return Movement
269001003 Awakening and the Outgoing Movement
272001004 Consciousness
276001005 The Three Modalities of Awakened Doing
277001006 Acceptance
278001007 Enjoyment
283001008 Enthusiasm
287001009 The Frequency-holders
288001010 The New Earth Is No Utopia

Muistiinpanot Highlights Примечания (Code: h)

1 (-6)
fear, greed, and the desire for power are not the dysfunction that we are speaking of, but are themselves created by the dysfunction,
2 (-5)
The history of Communism, originally inspired by noble ideals, clearly illustrates what happens when people attempt to change external reality— create a new earth— without any prior change in their inner reality, their state of consciousness. They
3 (-5)
arises a second insight: the good news of the possibility of a radical transformation of human consciousness. In Hindu teachings (and sometimes in Buddhism also), this transformation is called enlightenment. In the teachings of Jesus, it is salvation...
4 (-3)
And so religions, to a large extent, became divisive rather than unifying forces. Instead of bringing about an ending of violence and hatred through a realization of the fundamental oneness of all life, they brought more violence and hatred, more div...
5 (-1)
difference between spirituality and religion. They
6 (-1)
"religious" people are stuck at that level. They equate truth with thought, and as they are completely identified with thought (their mind), they claim to be in sole possession of the truth in an unconscious attempt to protect their identity. They do...
7 (2)
again and again, and much later would adapt to life on land, grow feet instead of fins, develop lungs instead of gills. It seems unlikely that a species would venture into such an alien environment and undergo an evolutionary transformation unless it...
8 (6)
Everything, a bird, a tree, even a simple stone, and certainly a human being, is ultimately unknowable. This is because it has unfathomable depth. All we can perceive, experience, think about, is the surface layer of reality, less than the tip of an ...
9 (8)
The quicker you are in attaching verbal or mental labels to things, people, or situations, the more shallow and lifeless your reality becomes, and the more deadened you become to reality, the miracle of life that continuously unfolds within and around you.
10 (17)
The word "identification" is derived from the Latin word idem, meaning "same" and facere, which means "to make." So when I identify with something, I
11 (17)
I try to find myself in things but never quite make it and end up losing myself in them. That is the fate of the ego. IDENTIFICATION
12 (19)
Each thing has Beingness, is a temporary form that has its origin within the formless one Life, the source of all things, all bodies, all forms. In
13 (19)
Whenever you completely accept a loss, you go beyond ego, and who you are, the I Am which is consciousness itself, emerges." She
14 (27)
The ego tends to equate having with Being: I have, therefore I am. And the more I have, the more I am. The
15 (28)
And so the shallow satisfaction of having is always replaced by more wanting. This is the psychological need for more, that is to say, more things to identify with. It is an addictive need, not an authentic one. In
16 (28)
The physical needs for food, water, shelter, clothing, and basic comforts could be easily met for all humans on the planet, were it not for the imbalance of resources created by the insane and rapacious need for more, the greed of the ego. It finds c...
17 (30)
Amazingly but not infrequently, the ego in search of a stronger identity can and does create illnesses in order to strengthen itself through them.
18 (33)
Although body-identification is one of the most basic forms of ego, the good news is that it is also the one that you can most easily go beyond.
19 (35)
When you are in touch with the inner body, you are not identified with your body anymore, nor are you identified with your mind. This is to say, you are no longer identified with form but moving away from form-identification toward formlessness, whic...
20 (35)
Descartes, regarded as the founder of modern philosophy, gave expression to this primary error with his famous dictum (which he saw as primary truth): "I think, therefore I am." This was the answer he found to the question ‘Is there anything I can kn...
21 (42)
In most cases, when you say "I", it is the ego speaking, not you, as we have seen. It consists of thought and emotion, of a bundle of memories you identify with as "me and my story," Page 60 - Note
22 (42)
"I" cannot survive without the conceptual "other." The others are most other when I see them as my enemies. At one end of the scale of this unconscious egoic pattern lies the egoic compulsive habit of faultfinding and complaining about others. Jesus ...
23 (42)
Somebody becomes an enemy if you personalize the unconsciousness that is the ego. Nonreaction is not weakness but strength. Another word for nonreaction is forgiveness. To
24 (47)
This is an outrage," they say. "How dare you...." "I resent this." They are addicted to upset and anger as others are to a drug. Through reacting against this or that they assert and strengthen their feeling of self. A
25 (47)
A long-standing resentment is called a grievance. To carry a grievance is to be in a permanent state of "against," and that is why grievances constitute a significant part of many people's ego. Collective grievances can survive for centuries in the p...
26 (48)
Jesus' teaching to "Forgive your enemies" is essentially about the undoing of one of the main egoic structures in the human mind. The
27 (49)
There is nothing that strengthens the ego more than being right. Being right is identification with a mental position— a perspective, an opinion, a judgment, a story. For
28 (50)
Ego takes everything personally. Emotion arises, defensiveness, perhaps even aggression. Are you defending the truth? No, the truth, in any case, needs no defense. The
29 (51)
I am right and you are wrong" is a dangerous thing in personal relationships as well as in interactions between nations, tribes, religions, and so on. But
30 (51)
The history of Christianity is, of course, a prime example of how the belief that you are in sole possession of the truth, that is to say, right, can corrupt your actions and behavior to the point of insanity. For centuries, torturing and burning peo...
31 (52)
All religions are equally false and equally true, depending on how you use them. You can use them in the service of the ego, or you can use them in the service of the Truth. If
32 (52)
"Love and do what you will," said St. Augustine. Words cannot get much closer to the Truth than that.
33 (54)
On a collective level, the mind-set it becomes obvious that the human ego in its collective aspect as "us" against 'them" is even more insane than the "me," the individual ego, although the mechanism is the same. By
34 (60)
All that is required to become free of the ego is to be aware of it, since awareness and ego are incompatible. Awareness
35 (63)
recognition of the impermanence of all forms awakens you to the dimension of the formless within yourself, that which is beyond death. Jesus called it "eternal life." THE
36 (63)
The absurd overvaluation of fame is just one of the many manifestations of egoic madness in our world. Some
37 (63)
The ego thrives on others' attention, which is after all a form of psychic energy. The ego doesn't know that the source of all energy is within you, so it seeks it outside.
38 (77)
but I am told that in the capital of one Nordic country you run the risk of being arrested for drunken behavior if you smile at strangers in the street. If
39 (77)
Awareness is the greatest agent for change. If
40 (85)
In fact, doing is never enough if you neglect Being. The
41 (85)
The entire civilization is losing itself in doing that is not rooted in Being and thus becomes futile. How
42 (85)
They may be considered VIPs, but they are no more than unconscious players in the egoic game, a game that looks so important yet is ultimately devoid of true purpose. It is, in the words of Shakespeare, Ha tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fur...
43 (91)
In a wider sense of the word, the ego itself is pathological, no matter what form it takes. When
44 (92)
In Shakespeare's words, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." 2 What is more, suffering or negativity is often misperceived by the ego as pleasure because up to a point the ego strengthens itself through it. For
45 (92)
Cleverness is motivated by self-interest, and it is extremely short-sighted. Most politicians and businesspeople are clever. Very few are intelligent. Whatever is attained through cleverness is shortlived and always turns out to be eventually self-d...
46 (96)
The Secret of Happiness
47 (97)
Listen to people's stories and they could all be entitled "Why I Cannot Be at Peace Now." The
48 (97)
How to be at peace now? By making peace with the present moment. The
49 (97)
There are three words that convey the secret of the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness: One With Life. Being one with life is being one with Now. You
50 (101)
Sartre's statement "Hell is other people" is the voice of the ego. The person suffering from paranoia experiences that hell most acutely, but everyone in whom the egoic patterns still operate will feel it to some degree. The stronger the ego in you,...
51 (103)
Work— With and Without Ego
52 (104)
It comes as no surprise that those people who work without ego are extraordinarily successful at what they do. Anybody who is one with what he or she does is building the new earth. I
53 (107)
A collective ego manifests the same characteristics as the personal ego, such as the need for conflict and enemies, the need for more, the need to be right against others who are wrong, and so on. Sooner or later, the collective will come into confli...
54 (107)
Nations not infrequently engage in behavior that would be immediately recognizable as psychopathic in an individual. As
55 (107)
Enlightened collectives will fulfill an important function in the arising of the new consciousness. Just as egoic collectives pull you into unconsciousness and suffering, the enlightened collective can be a vortex for consciousness that will accelera...
56 (109)
Incontrovertible Proof of Immortality
57 (107)
What "I" could there be apart from life, apart from Being? It is utterly impossible. So there is no such thing as "my life," and I don't have a life. I am life. I and life are one. It cannot be otherwise. So how could I lose my life? How
58 (113)
Some of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, such as Franz Kafka, Albert Camus, T. S. Eliot, and James Joyce, recognized alienation as the universal dilemma of human existence, probably felt it deeply within themselves and so were able to e...
59 (114)
You don't run your body. The intelligence does. It also is in charge of the organism's responses to its environment. This
60 (114)
For example , it is likely you won’t feel any emotion when you are told that someone’s car has been stolen, but when it is your car, you will probably feel upset. It is amazing how much emotion a little mental concept like “my” can generate.
61 (114)
Here are a few more common unconscious assumptions: “Nobody respects and appreciates me. I need to fight to survive. There is never enough money. Life always lets you down. I don’t deserve abundance . I don’t deserve love.”
62 (114)
Do positive emotions then have the opposite effect on the physical body? Do they strengthen the immune system, invigorate and heal the body? They do, indeed , but we need to differentiate between positive emotions that are ego-generated and deeper emotions that emanate from your natural state of connectedness with Being.
63 (114)
Our duck's lesson is this: Flap your wings— which translates as "let go of the story"— and return to the only place of power: the present moment.
64 (114)
Because of the human tendency to perpetuate old emotion, almost everyone carries in his or her energy field an accumulation of old emotional pain, which I call 'the pain-body." We
65 (114)
The pain-body, however, is not just individual in nature. It also partakes of the pain suffered by countless humans throughout the history of humanity, which is a
66 (124)
history of continuous tribal warfare, of enslavement, pillage, rape, torture, and other forms of violence. This pain still lives in the collective psyche of humanity and is being added to on a daily basis, as you can verify when you watch the news to...
67 (130)
That is also one of the main ways in which the human pain-body is passed on from generation to generation. After each episode, the partners make up, and there is an interval of relative peace, to the limited extent that the ego allows it. Excessive
68 (134)
If you were not familiar with our contemporary civilization, if you had come here from another age or another planet, one of the things that would amaze you is that millions of people love and pay money to watch humans kill and inflict pain on each o...
69 (134)
films can fulfill a vital function in the awakening of humanity. They can act as a mirror in which humanity sees its own insanity. That in you which recognizes madness as madness (even if it is your own) is sanity, is the arising awareness, is the en...
70 (139)
But things are changing rapidly now. With many people becoming more conscious, the ego is losing its hold on the human mind. Because the ego was never as deeply rooted in woman, it is losing its hold on women more quickly than on men.
71 (140)
China's heavy pain-body is to some extent mitigated by the widespread practice of t'ai chi, which amazingly was not declared illegal by the Communist government that otherwise feels threatened by anything it cannot control. Every
72 (141)
For what you do to others, you do to yourself. It
73 (141)
There is only one perpetrator of evil on the planet: human unconsciousness. That realization is true forgiveness. With forgiveness, your victim identity dissolves, and your true power emerges— the power of Presence. Instead of blaming the darkness, y...
74 (141)
It is your conscious Presence that breaks the identification with the pain-body. When you don't identify with it, the pain-body can no longer control your thinking and so cannot renew itself anymore by feeding on your thoughts.
75 (149)
She said, "This is weird. I'm still unhappy, but now there is space around it. It seems to matter less." This was the first time I heard somebody put it like that: There is space around my unhappiness. That space, of course, comes when there is inner...
76 (160)
perhaps there should be similar warnings on every banknote and bank statement: "Money can activate the pain-body and cause complete unconsciousness."
77 (160)
The pain-body needs your unconsciousness. It cannot tolerate the light of Presence.
78 (160)
The next step in human evolution is not inevitable, but for the first time in the history of our planet, it can be a conscious choice. Who is making that choice? You are. And who are you? Consciousness that has become conscious of itself.
79 (168)
Before you ask any other question, first ask the most fundamental question of your life: Who am I? Unconscious
80 (172)
Try this for a couple of weeks and see how it changes your reality: Whatever you think people are withholding from you— praise, appreciation, assistance, loving care, and so on— give it to them. You don't have it? Just act as if you had it, and it wi...
81 (173)
The source of all abundance is not outside you. It is part of who you are. However,
82 (174)
Jesus puts it like this: "For to the one who has, more will be given, and from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away." 2
83 (180)
Finally, after all these years, the master would give them the key to understanding. 'This is my secret," he said. "I don’t mind what happens."
84 (180)
When the basis for your actions is inner alignment with the present moment, your actions become empowered by the intelligence of Life itself. IS
85 (182)
The Ego and the Present Moment
86 (182)
The most important, the primordial relationship in your life is your relationship with the Now
87 (183)
Once you have reached a certain level of consciousness, (and if you are reading this, you almost certainly have), you are able to decide what kind of a relationship you want to have with the present moment. Do I want the present moment to be my frien...
88 (184)
There are three ways in which the ego will treat the present moment: as a means to an end, as an obstacle, or as an enemy. Let
89 (184)
As long as the present moment is seen as an obstacle, there can be no end to problems. 'Til
90 (184)
What is my relationship with Life? This question is an excellent way of unmasking the ego in you and bringing you into the state of Presence. Although
91 (184)
"this bloody tyrant time," as Shakespeare calls it, is going to kill you. You could compare it to a raging river that drags you along with it, or a fire in which everything is consumed. I
92 (188)
Eliminating Time
93 (189)
For the ego to survive, it must make time— past and future— more important than the present moment. The
94 (189)
two ways of being unhappy. Not getting what you want is one. Getting what you want is the other.
95 (195)
Allowing the Diminishment of the Ego
96 (197)
When you are seemingly diminished in some way and remain in absolute nonreaction, not just externally but also internally, you realize that nothing real has been diminished, that through becoming "less," you become more.
97 (197)
This is what Jesus means when he says, "Deny yourself' or "Turn the other cheek."
98 (197)
What you see, hear, feel, touch, or think about is only one half of reality, so to speak. It is form. In the heaven" or "eternal life."
99 (209)
the history of humanity, which Winston Churchill defined as "one damn thing after another."
100 (209)
The arising of space consciousness is the next stage in the evolution of humanity.
101 (210)
Space consciousness means that in addition to being conscious of things— which always comes down to sense perceptions, thoughts, and emotions— there is an undercurrent of awareness.
102 (210)
Space consciousness represents not only freedom from ego, but also from dependency on the things of this world, from materialism and materiality. It is the
103 (212)
It has linked up with the TV version of the collective mind, and is thinking its thoughts. Your mind is inactive only in the sense that it is not producing thoughts.
104 (212)
Use the mute button during commercials. Make sure you don't go to sleep immediately after switching off the set or, even worse, fall asleep with the set still on.
105 (216)
Jesus said, 'The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, 'Lo, here it is!' or There!' for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you." 3
106 (216)
Master suddenly spoke. "Do you hear the sound of that mountain stream?"
107 (225)
Presence, the inner space in which the words on this page are perceived and become thoughts . It is the underlying I Am. The words you are reading and thinking are the foreground, and the I Am is the substratum, the underlying background to every exp...
108 (227)
One conscious breath (two or three would be even better), taken many times a day, is an excellent way of bringing space into your life.
109 (227)
The German word for breathing— atmen—is derived from the ancient Indian (Sanskrit) word Atman, meaning the indwelling divine spirit or God within.
110 (228)
Being aware of your breath forces you into the present moment— the key to all inner transformation. Whenever you are conscious of the breath, you are absolutely present.
111 (228)
A long-standing compulsive behavior pattern may be called an addiction, and an addiction lives inside you as a quasientity or subpersonality, an energy field that periodically takes you over completely.
112 (228)
If you have a compulsive behavior pattern such as smoking, overeating, drinking, TV watching, Internet addiction, or whatever it may be, this is what you can do: When you notice the compulsive need arising in you, stop and take three conscious breath...
113 (232)
Physicists have discovered that the apparent solidity of matter is an illusion created by our senses. This includes the physical body, which we perceive and think of as form, but 99.99 % of which is actually empty space.
114 (233)
That "empty space" is life in its fullness, the unmanifested Source out of which all manifestation flows. The traditional word for that Source is God.
115 (234)
it serves as an anchor for staying present in the Now. It prevents you from losing yourself in thinking, in emotions, or in external situations.
116 (233)
Through complete acceptance of the form of the Now, you become internally aligned with space , which is the essence of Now. Through acceptance, you become spacious inside. Aligned with space instead of form: That brings true perspective and balance i...
117 (233)
It has been said: "Stillness is the language God speaks, and everything else is a bad translation." Stillness is really another word for space.
118 (233)
When you are still, you are who you are beyond your temporal existence: consciousness—unconditioned, formless, eternal.
119 (240)
But the true or primary purpose of your life cannot be found on the outer level. It does not concern what you do but what you are— that is to say, your state of consciousness.
120 (240)
So the most important thing to realize is this : Your life has an inner purpose and an outer purpose. Inner purpose concerns Being and is primary.
121 (242)
Another function of this book is to help people recognize the ego within them whenever it tries to regain control and obscure the arising awareness.
122 (242)
Opening yourself to the emerging consciousness and bringing its light into this world then becomes the primary purpose of your life.
123 (251)
When you meet with people, at work or wherever it may be, give them your fullest attention. You are no longer there primarily as a person, but as a field of awareness, of alert Presence.
124 (251)
Can the whole use the human mind to create things or bring about situations that are in alignment with its purpose? Yes, whenever there is inspiration, which translates as "in spirit," and enthusiasm, which means "in God ," there is a creative empowe...
125 (262)
you have an inner and an outer purpose, and since you are a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm, it follows that the universe too has an inner and outer purpose inseparable from yours.
126 (262)
reconciliation of outer and inner purpose: to bring that essence— consciousness— into the world of form and thereby transform the world. The ultimate purpose of that transformation goes far beyond anything the human mind can imagine or comprehend.
127 (271)
Stupidity is relatively harmless, but intelligent stupidity is highly dangerous. This intelligent stupidity, for which one could find countless obvious examples, is threatening our survival as a species.
128 (273)
Consciousness is the intelligence, the organizing principle behind the arising of form. Consciousness has been preparing forms for millions of years so that it can express itself through them in the manifested.
129 (275)
The brain does not create consciousness, but consciousness created the brain, the most complex physical form on earth, for its expression.
130 (275)
You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are.
131 (275)
The modalities of awakened doing are acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm.
132 (278)
Acceptance means: For now, this is what this situation, this moment, requires me to do, and so I do it willingly
133 (279)
Enjoyment is the second modality of awakened doing.
134 (279)
On the new earth, enjoyment will replace wanting as the motivating power behind people's actions.
135 (279)
Joy is the dynamic aspect of Being.
136 (281)
The new earth arises as more and more people discover that their main purpose in life is to bring the light of consciousness into this world and so use whatever they do as a vehicle for consciousness. The joy of Being is the joy of being conscious.
137 (283)
Persian poet and Sufi master Hafiz expresses this truth beautifully: *1 am a hole in a flute that the Christ's breath moves through. Listen to this music."
138 (283)
Enthusiasm means there is deep enjoyment in what you do plus the added element of a goal or a vision that you work toward.
139 (284)
Ralph Waldo Emerson said that, "Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm."
140 (284)
ancient Greek— en and theos, meaning God . And the related word enthousiazein means "to be possessed by a god."
141 (285)
Enthusiasm and the ego cannot coexist. One implies the absence of the other.
142 (290)
Awakening as a future event has no meaning because awakening is the realization of Presence. So the new heaven, the awakened consciousness, is not a future state to be achieved. A new heaven and a new earth are arising within you at this moment, and ...
143 (285)
Enthusiasm and the ego cannot coexist. One implies the absence of the other.
144 (287)
Enthusiasm is the power that transfers the mental blueprint into the physical dimension. That is the creative use of mind, and that is why there is no wanting involved.
145 (287)
146 (287)

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