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Let us read together

Let us read together and build your first MyeBooks file. I myself cannot imagine that I would read one single book without building Memofile, that is: my notes of my reading. As I make these notes always in the same way, following certain simple principles, I get good-looking web-pages containing all my notes sorted in a practical way and formulated beautifully for easy reading, and none of the books I read gets lost. I can return to them at any moment.

I can formulate, increase and deepen my notes, whenever I want to. MyeBooks is particularly useful for a student preparing to any exam or interrogation and an unmatched tool for language learning. For me, the most important is just this latter use.

When Amazon advertises Kindle as Reading revolution, you can with full justification say that MyeBooks is Learning revolution. As such, the heart of the matter is nothing new. Always have we read books and made notes and vocabularies for language learning. Revolutionary here is only the speed, efficiency and usefulness of the end result, and even aesthetics.

How do we build MyeBooks?

The answer is, first of all: a book at a time, while reading the book. If you want to make good notes of, summarize the contents of the book, you need two things: the e-book reader and a note editor, with which you collect your notes to a file. These are used continuously in turn.

If you are reading a book in a foreign language, you also need a third, a dictionary or translator. These three are at your disposal in a carousel. Between them you can jump, moving with lightning speed information from reading to notes and dictionary and from dictionary back to notes using the clipboard. Then back to reading. That's the whole method on the tools level.

Always when transferring information to notes, you make a notation of the location in the book, mark by one character, letter or number the kind of the note, and carry the information on clipboard wherever needed.

Location The best location for labeling would be page number, but most of the e-books use instead Location. On average, one page is 18 Locations (and 1800 characters, ie one location is 100 characters). Some ebook readers do no put location visible. Time, however, can be used in place of location marking.
Kind of notes is marked with one letter or number. Numbers 1,2,3 mark of headings according to their hierarchy.

I use the following characters and letters (joining word or other search with = equality mark as separator; no line change allowed):

w marks word or expression
i langue idiom
h highlight note
g Google map locality link
n note or error in the text
b bookmark for interruption of reading.

MyeBooks uses as timestamp the form
yyyymmdd for today 20160518 or this minuute 201605181244.

At the beginning of each Memofile there are four lines, for example with the following contents:

1,5445,302,tra,ita,20160331,20160512,5,Heinrich Harrer: Sette anni in Tibet

First line:
Harrer-Tibet-ajk Memofile name is formed by the author's name and the name of the book appropriately shortening, in this example, it is Harrer-Tibet-ajk.txt, where -ajk is the code for the owner of the file required. In your Memofiles this would be your identification symbol. The .txt identification is automatically added. So, don't write it, otherwise you get .txt.txt
$7.56 if available the price of the book. For comparability it must be in this form with $-sign and point as the separation of decimal. Also $0 price should be given to be included for the overall price average of the books. If price not known, leave unfilled this $-price.

Second line:
1,5445,302,tra,ita,20160331,20160512,5,Heinrich Harrer: Sette anni in Tibet
1 the first page or location. If location is replaced by timestamp the beginning of reading is marked here.
5445 the last location, ie the end of the book.
302 number of pages in the book
tra genre of the book, three characters
ita language of the book, here Italian
20160331 timestamp of the beginning of reading
20160512 timestamp of the end of reading
5 evaluation on the scale of 1-5 stars
Heinrich Harrer: Sette anni in Tibet author name and book title, colon as separation mark

Third line:
ama link to the presentation of the book at book seller

Fourth line:
eng language and link to the review at the seller's web-site

Nothing is faster than Android carousel!
With lightning speed it rotates. In turn, these three:
1. Kindle 2. Jota notebook 3. translator.

In just a few seconds is a word or phrase painted and lifted to the clipboard, from which first dropped to Memofile writing at the beginning of the the line the Location, then the code, indicating the subject matter of the note: w = word, h = highlight, etc.
then a comma and drop from the clipboard and the transition in the carousel to the translator, where the previous search application is painted and the new text dropped down on top. Then the translator gives the translation in less than a second and gives it now, in turn, to the clipboard, again to memo, and after writing = eqality mark as separator you drop the word definition to the Memofile. Then back to reading the book.

Guaranteed to be in less than 10 seconds. By using only Hihghlights that is, in the ordinary course of learning still half faster if you do not need translation. Also, the translation may be used by h-note, trailing just like in w-labels.

Have a look at Memofile in txt form, Call me, if problems. Then look at the final form: Final web version. On the Myebooks main page, clicking the green spots all information of the book in web form opens up to the Reviews done of the book.

Make a Tekija-Kirja-you.txt Memofile, I will make for you the stylish notes. This file contains all your notes made during reading. Useful even if MyeBooks is not available.

Here isa complete Memofile Stoner.txt and here the same in final web form Stoner.htm Take a look also at the bottom of the Info MyeBooks with links to Kindle proposals that I have made to Kindle and they materialized and are now doing something similar, although still clumsy in comparison with MyeBooks.

This really pays to be taken seriously. Enormous time saving and easy to repeat. My hobby is languages and often I find myself leafing the ever growing own dictionaries. The same is true of notes. Memofile can quite freely be edited. It can be prepared also of a paperbook or even without a book or any notes.

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