Rick Szostak: Making Sense of World History

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19000001 Inter-societal transmission Evolution in cultural values and practices Evolution and progress compared
19000002 Philosophical orientation of this book Interdisciplinarity and world history Both/and thinking Valuing multiple perspectives Outline of this book Questions Readings PART II:Prehistory and ancient history 2The Big History prelude: From the Big Bang to hominids
19000003 Guiding questions The nature of Big History The Big Bang Stars and planets The Earth The theme of non-human environment Life on Earth Evolutionary theory revisited Multicellular life Mammals Reprise
19000004 Questions Readings 3Evolution of human nature itself in early human history Guiding questions The evolution of human nature Environmental influences? Culture and more Language Culture Emotions
19000005 Altruism The subconscious Human activities Tool-making Fire Economic activity Incomes Gender relations Polity and social structure Art Migration

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