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Review will appear here, when reading is completed. eng My first psychology book

006 Thinking, Fast and Slow
Offered by Macmillan
Price,h,$2.99, October 4, 2013
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eng My first psychology book

This review is from,h,Thinking, Fast and Slow (Kindle Edition)

With pleasure I return to this text in order to write a short summary in the spirit of the idea that it can be nicely joined as the last Note of the Kindle book and thus included in Notes, Highlights and Bookmarks file which follows every Kindle book and is any time available for the reader. Unfortunately only to be looked at, but not handled as a whole. This handicap can be overcome easily by screen shots. So, why does not Amazon allow it to be directly downloaded for the benefit of the reader for easier use as source material anywhere.

But returning to this stunning book I am in lack of sufficient overwords. I do not remember that I would ever have read any psychology book before. So I have read it as a complete layman, but had no difficulty at all understanding every passage of it. As a matter of fact the book is not only psychology, but a lucid presentation of the methods of psychology, common to all behavioral sciences, so to me as economist, too. This book has no side walks, but is the story of thinking, fast and slow, just as the cover tells. These two concepts I meet first time ever, but they are clearly defined so that even a layman dares to paraphrase them as effortless thinking and thinking with effort. Kahneman is a nobelist in just economics and well deserves it. Good thinking is also a matter of economics. That is compöetely clear. Another brilliant concept, which I meet first time here in this book, although it belongs outright to the central concepts of economics as well,h,WYSIATI - What You See Is All There Is. Do not smile, it is a serious term, not at all expressing something superficial, but is a profound characterization of human behavior.

Kahnemans presentation is completely based on experience and well organized simple experiments of how we think and decide things. And he does not at all hoist his own profile, but continuously refers to colleagues, quite especially beautifully to his defunt partner with words 'Amos and I'. You get the impression that if Amos Tversky had lived, he would have stepped side by side with the author to the podium of honor in Stockholm.

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Sisällysluettelo Contents Содержание (Code: (1,2,3,4,5))

10001 Introduction
4000101 Origins
10000102 Where We Are Now
13000103 What Comes Next
1701 Part 1 Two Systems
20010004 Two Systems
24010005 Plot Synopsis hd3:201308210321 Conflict
26010006 Illusions
28010007 Useful Fictions
30010008 Speaking of System 1 and System 2
300101 2 Attention and Effort
31010101 Mental Effort
38010102 Speaking of Attention and Effort
390102 3 The Lazy Controller I
41010201 The Busy and Depleted System 2
44010202 The Lazy System 2
47010203 Intelligence, Control, Rationality
49010204 Speaking of Control
500103 4 The Associative Machine To
52010301 The Marvels of Priming
55010302 Primes That Guide Us
58010303 Speaking of Priming
590104 5 Cognitive Ease Whenever
60010401 Illusions of Remembering
61010402 Illusions of Truth
62010403 How to Write a Persuasive Message
64010404 Strain and Effort
65010405 The Pleasure of Cognitive Ease
67010406 Ease, Mood, and Intuition
70010407 Speaking of Cognitive Ease
710105 6 Norms, Surprises, and Causes The
71010501 Assessing Normality
74010502 Seeing Causes and Intentions
78010503 Speaking of Norms and Causes
790106 7 A Machine for Jumping to Conclusions
79010601 Neglect of Ambiguity and Suppression of Doubt
80010602 A Bias to Believe and Confirm
82010603 Exaggerated Emotional Coherence (Halo Effect)
85010604 What You See Is All There Is (WYSIATI)
88010605 Speaking of Jumping to Conclusions
890107 8 Howjudgments Happen There
90010701 Basic Assessments
93010702 Intensity Matching
95010703 The Mental Shotgun
96010704 Speaking of Judgment
970108 9 Answering an Easier Question A
97010801 Substituting Questions
100010802 The 3-D Heuristic
101010803 The Mood Heuristic for Happiness
103010804 The Affect Heuristic
105010805 Characteristics of System 1
10802 Part 2 Heuristics and Biases 10
1090201 10 The Law of Small Numbers
112020101 The Law of Small Numbers
113020102 A Bias of Confidence Over Doubt
118020103 Speaking of the Law of Small Numbers
1190202 11 Anchors Amos
120020201 Anchoring as Adjustment
122020202 Anchoring as Priming Effect
123020203 The Anchoring Index
126020204 Uses and Abuses of Anchors
127020205 Anchoring and the Two Systems
128020206 Speaking of Anchors
1290203 12 The Science of Availability
131020301 The Psychology of Availability Kopioitu leikepbydaile
145020302 Speaking of Availability Cascades
1460204 14 Tom Ws Specialty
151020401 The Sins of Representativeness
153020402 How to Discipline Intuition
160020403 Less Is More, Sometimes Even In Joint Evaluation Christopher
165020404 Speaking of Less is More
1660205 16 Causes Trump Statistics
1750206 17 Regression to the Mean I
176020601 Talent and Luck
186020602 Nonregressive Intuitions
189020603 A Correction for Intuitive Predictions
191020604 A Defense of Extreme Predictions?
194020605 A Two-Systems View of Regression
195020606 Speaking of Intuitive Predictions
19703 Part 3 Overconfidence 19
208030007 Speaking of Hindsight
2090301 20 The Illusion of Validity System to O n1 s of understanding are born. The d reliably from observations of success.
209030101 The Illusion of Validity
212030102 The Illusion of Stock-Picking Skill
216030103 What Supports the Illusions of Skill and Validity?
218030104 The Illusions of Pundits
221030105 Speaking of Illusory Skill
2220302 21 Intuitions vs. Formulas Paul
229030201 Learning from Meehl
232030202 Do It Yourself
233030203 Speaking of Judges vs. Formulas
2340303 22 Expert Intuition,h,When Can We Trust It? Professional
235030301 Marvels and Flaws
236030302 Intuition as Recognition
237030303 Acquiring Skill
239030304 The Environment of Skill
247030305 Drawn to the Inside View
254030306 Speaking of the Outside View
2550304 24 The Engine of Capitalism The
255030401 Optimists
256030402 Entrepreneurial Delusions
259030403 Competition Neglect
261030404 Overconfidence
265030405 Speaking of Optimism
26704 Part 4 Choices 25
2690401 25 Bernoulli's Errors One
272040101 Bernoulli's Error
2780402 26 Prospect Theory
283040201 Loss
286040202 Blind Spots of Prospect Theory
288040203 Speaking of Prospect Theory
2890403 27 The Endowment Effect You
297040301 Thinking Like a Trader
299040302 Speaking of the Endowment Effect
30005 28 Bad Events The
300050003 Negativity Dominance
302050004 Goals are Reference Points
304050005 Defending the Status Quo
305050006 Loss Aversion in the Law
309050007 Speaking of Losses
3100501 29 The Fourfold Pattern
310050101 Changing Chances
312050102 Alias's Paradox
316050103 The Fourfold Pattern
319050104 Gambling in the Shadow of the Law
321050105 Speaking of the Fourfold Pattern
3220502 30 Rare Events
323050201 Overestimation and Overweighting
326050202 Vivid Outcomes
328050203 Vivid Probabilities
333050204 Speaking of Rare Events
3340503 31 Risk Policies Imagine
335050301 Broad or Narrow?
336050302 Samuelson's Problem
340050303 Risk Policies
341050304 Speaking of Risk Policies
3420504 32 Keeping Score
342050401 Mental Accounts
346050402 Regret
352050403 Speaking of Keeping Score
3530505 33 Reversals You
354050501 Challenging Economics
356050502 Categories
360050503 Unjust Reversals
362050504 Speaking of Reversals
3630506 34 Frames and Reality Italy
364050601 Emotional Framing
368050602 Empty Intuitions
371050603 Good Frames
374050604 Speaking of Frames and Reality
37506 Part 5 Two Selves 35
3770601 35 Two Selves The
378060101 Experienced Utility
378060102 Experience and Memory
381060103 Which Self Should Count?
384060104 Biology vs. Rationality
385060105 Speaking of Two Selves
3860602 36 Life as a Story
388060201 Amnesic Vacations
390060202 Speaking of Life as a Story
3910603 37 Experienced Well-Being
392060301 Experienced Well-Being
397060302 Speaking of Experienced Well-Being
3980604 38 Thinking About Life Figure
402060401 The Focusing Illusion
406060402 Time and Time Again
407060403 Speaking of Thinking About Life
411060404 Econs and Humans
415060405 Two Systems
4190605 Appendix A,h,Judgment Under Uncertainty,h,Heuristics and Biases * Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman
419060501 hgl:201309260210
420060502 Representativeness
42006050201Insensitivity to prior probability of outcomes
42106050202Insensitivity to sample size.
42306050203Insensitivity to predictability.
42306050204The illusion of validity.
42406050205Misconceptions of regression.
425060503 Availability
42506050301Biases due to the retrievability of instances.
42506050302Biases due to the effectiveness of a search set.
42606050303Biases of imaginability.
42606050304Illusory correlation.
427060504 Adjustment and Anchoring
42706050401Insufficient adjustment.
42806050402Biases in the evaluation of conjunctive and disjunctive events.
42806050403Anchoring in the assessment of subjective probability distributions.
430060505 Discussion
4330606 052 Appendix B,h,Choices, Values, And Frames * Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky
433060601 hgl:201309260210
434060602 Discuss the cognitive and the psychophysical
436060603 Framing of Outcomes
438060604 Kopioitu leikepoydalle
441060605 Formulation Effects
441060606 Transactions and Trades
444060607 Losses and Costs
449060608 Introduction
450060609 1,h,The Characters of the Story
450060610 2,h,Attention and Effort
460060611 13,h,Availability, Emotion, and Risk
461060612 14,h,Tom Ws Specialty
461060613 15,h,Linda,h,Less is More
462060614 16,h,Causes Trump Statistics
462060615 17,h,Regression to the Mean
463060616 18,h,Taming Intuitive Predictions
463060617 19,h,The Illusion of Understanding
464060618 20,h,The Illusion of Validity
465060619 21,h,Intuitions vs. Formulas
465060620 22,h,Expert Intuition,h,When Can We Trust It?
466060621 23,h,The Outside View
4670607 24,h,The Engine of Capitalism
468060701 25,h,Bernoulli’s Errors
475060702 32,h,Keeping Score
476060703 33,h,Reversals
477060704 34,h,Frames and Reality
478060705 36,h,Life as a Story
478060706 37,h,Experienced Well-Being
479060707 38,h,Thinking About Life
479060708 38,h,Thinking About Life
480060709 Conclusions


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