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What is Kindle?
Kindle program
How Kindle program was created?
Place this kind of Note at the beginning of each Kindle book!
ajk,Cervantes,Don Quijote

Place corresponging line into parameter file AjkKindle-par.txt

ajk,Cervantes,Don Quijote,174,20730,900,cla,esp,3
ajk = Identification code for Note
Cervantes = Author name
Don Quijote = Book name abbreviation
174 = first location of the book
20730  = last location of the book
900 = number of pages in the book (0 if not known)
cla = category of the book (classics)
esp = language of the book (Spanish)
3 = rating (0 if not rated; 1 not good - 3 very good) 

ajk,Cervantes,Don Quijote,174,20730,900,cla,esp,3

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AjkKindle-lue.txt (Books completed in Kindle)

AjkKindle-par.txt (Parametres for ...)
MyClippings.txt (=My Clippings.txt)
ApuKindle-ymd.txt (Date version of My C)
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You do not write cents before dollars, not even minutes before hours.
Why don't you write datetime as 'yyyymmdd_hhmmss'?

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