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Asko Korpela

The beginning of digital teaching of economics at the
Helsinki School of Economics

Books and Courses

Kansantalous - osat ja kokonaisuus (National Economy - Parts and Total). The first series of lectures as an assistant in 1964 Economics for Correspondents was based on Paul A. Samuelson’s textbook Economics. According to it, I myself wrote my first textbook, published in the 1967 book series of the Year of Economic Information, 1967, in honour of the 50th anniversary of Finland's independence. The rights were transferred to Talousteos KY, a company I founded in 1970 with my student Esa Ojanen. The book was sold in three-tiered versions along with some other books until the end of the company, in the mid-1990s in 27 editions totaling almost exactly 100,000 copies. The book is based on National Accounts data, had to be annually renewed. National Accounts was the basis of all my teaching activity. Several courses are still ready for use in the internet.

National accounts behind everything

Econometric model of the Finnish economy. Strictly based on the National Accounts, I built the AJKA model during my scholarship year in America at PennUniversity 1973-74. I used it as the basis for all my teaching and other activities until retirement age and accounting restructuring.

Ajka, later TAJKA, or another AJKA or Törmän AJKA , reinforced by ideas received from the user, Hannu Törmä, stumbled upon the restructuring of accounting at the turn of the millennium. At the request of regular users: universities, banks, social partners, I pushed it to the stand in 2003, but then it no longer caught fire.

Ajka, Tajka is a dynamic equilibrium and forecast model of aggregate demand and aggregate supply in the national economy: 100 variables, 60 equations, twenty-year statistics, forecasts in autumn and spring for 21 years, 1976-1997).

The model has two aspects:
1. ForTajka Preparation of a expert-level forecast according to the National Accounts and

2. PolTajka an optimization game suitable for anyone to use, with the help of an unambiguous loss function, for the best economic policy, as a lesson, for fun, for profit, as a means of earning.

I freely give to anyone who is willing to take all the rights and 20 thousand lines of 200-page book-sized software (Building Tajka and Using Tajka). Here's Tajka a cock's step away from today described in a variety of ways.

A working version Tajka.exe (PolTajka and ForTajka) is found in folder Kansantaloustiede/Tajka/Tajka-2004. National Accounts and other data are, however, only on 2004 level.

We held a course with Jouko Manninen for 10 years and after his retirement with Seppo Salo for another 10 years Mathematical Methods in Economics. It’s still online, as is the TAJKA model-based: Basic Course in Macroeconomics .

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