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Sisällysluettelo Contents Содержание (Code: (1,2,3,4,5))

40001 The Italian Alphabet
60002 Pronunciation Guide
160003 Common Italian Phrases
18000301 Introductions
20000302 Booking a Hotel Room
21000303 Ordering Food in a Restaurant
25000304 Shopping
27000305 Asking for Directions
320004 Italian Numbers
370005 Months and Days
390006 Telling Time, Dates, Year, and Century
420007 Colors in Italian
440008 Forming Sentence
45000801 Italian Negation
460009 Capitalization and Punctuation
46000901 Capitalization
48000902 Punctuation
490010 Nouns (Nomi)
58001001 Nouns with Totally Distinct Forms for Masculine and Feminine
790011 Articles (Gli Articoli)
79001101 Definite Articles (Articoli determinativi)
810012 Indefinite Articles (Articoli indeterminativi)
84001201 Partitive articles (Articoli partitivi)
850013 Pronouns (Pronomi)
900014 Adjectives (Aggettivi)
91001401 Placement of Adjectives
92001402 Declension of Adjectives
960015 Invariable adjectives (aggettivi invariabili)
1080016 Verbs
1130017 Verb Conjugations
114001701 The Present Tense (Il Tempo Presente)
117001702 The Verbs Avere and Essere
120001703 The Past Participle Form (Il Participio Passato)
120001704 The Present Perfect (Il Passato Prossimo)
1220018 The Simple Future Tense (Il Futuro Semplice)
1280019 The Adverbs (Gli Avverbi)
1330020 Prepositions (Prepozioni)
1360021 Vocabulary
1480022 Conclusion

Muistiinpanot Highlights Примечание (Code: h)

1 (55)
Some trees, however, have feminine gender: la palma the palm tree la quercia the oak tree la vite the grapevine
2 (65)
Italian nouns ending in –co and –go form their plural in several ways and must be learned individually.
3 (65)
If the noun is stressed on the third syllable counting from the final one, it forms the plural by changing –co to –ci and –go to –gi. These words are called parole sdrucciole.
4 (91)
These adjectives typically came before the noun: nuovo new vecchio old giovane young cattivo bad buono good bello beautiful brutto ugly caro dear stesso same bravo good, able piccolo small, little grande large, great lungo long vero true
5 (148)
Conclusion I hope this book was able to help you to communicate confidently and accurately in the Italian language. It’s time for you to take your learning to the higher level by taking up advanced language courses, reading Italian books and novels, watching Italian movies, and speaking regularly to a native Italian speaker. I wish you the best of luck! To your success, Henry Ray
6 (148)
### en
7 (148)
# Five star book deserving only four stars

Sanasto Vocabulary Словарь (Code: w)

1 Il mio posta elettonica è (e-mail address) (19)
2 polpette (22)
3 Spring spring (38)
4 la biro (50)
the pen
5 l’abico (the abico) gli abachi (the abici) il strascico (the train) i strascichi (the trains) (67)
6 le stoviglie dishes le macerie ruins le vettovàglie viand (75)
7 Chiacchierone mouthy (95)
8 wet agnato short aasso (103)
9 raw grezzo broken ifranto (105)
10 shameless spudorato (106)
11 doer of the action (108)
12 the turkey (138)
il tacchino
13 the raisin l'uvetta (139)
14 watermelon anguria (139)
15 parsley prezzemolo chicory radicchio radish ravanello celery sedano pumpkin zucca (140)
16 basketball (la pallacanestro team handball (la pallamano volleyball (la pallavolo (142)
17 the helicopter l'elicottero (143)
18 the blender il frullatore the microwave il microonde the toaster il tostapane (144)
19 the garden (vegetable l'orto (145)
20 the brick il mattone (146)

Kielikuvat Idioms Идиома (Code: i)

1 1Pleased to meet you! (18)
2 giri a destroy turn right (27)
3 17 Seventeen Diciassette 18 Eighteen diciotto (32)
4 80 eighty ottanta 90 ninety Novanta 100 one hundred cento (33)
5 500 five hundred cinquecento 600 six hundred Seicento (33)
6 Centomila 1 (35)
000.000 one million un milione
7 Annie arriverà domain (44)
Annie will arrive tomorrow. Arriverà Annie domain. Annie will arrive tomorrow.
8 carrateri minuscoli (47)
9 l'asterisco asterisk «» le virgolette quotation marks [] le parentesi quadre brackets () le parentesi tonde brackets (48)
10 Nearly all nouns ending in –ite, –udine, -ice, -ione, and –igine are feminine (52)
11 il dì the day i dì the days (68)
il tè the tea i tè the teas
12 il bebé the baby i bebé the babies (69)
13 le tenàglie tongs (75)
pliers le mutande underwear
14 le masserizie housewares lespèzie spices le vettovaglie provisions (75)
15 il como horn i como horns/ instrument le coma animal horns (77)
16 Li ho visti alla festa (87)
I saw them at the party last night.
17 ebbene nowadays oggigiorno nowadays (129)
18 come mai why (131)
19 sister-in-law (136)
la cognata
20 construction worker (137)
il lavoratore edile
21 the french fries le patatine fritte (138)

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Yhteenvedot Reviews Резюме (Code: ###)

Henry Ray: Learn Italian In 21 DAYS!
2,148,148,gra,eng,20161004,20161007,4,Henry Ray: Learn Italian In 21 DAYS!
20161004-20161007, 148 pages, 4* SalesInfo o eng

Five star book deserving only four stars

As a passionate language learner I love this book: hook, worm and line, or how was the old proverb? For me as the inventor of the concept Revolution of Learning (as a derivative of Amazon's well-deserved epitet of Revolution of Reading for Kindle) this book together with other of its kind is a true banner. The notion itself is exemplified and explained in http://www.askokorpela.fi/MyeBooks/MyeBooks.htm.

The big thing in this book by Henry Ray is the all over format of the book, an ingeniuous mixture of grammar and really necessary words and expressions. Together with detailed live table of contents the book is a handy source of reference to which I already have returned several times.

A small, but in my opinion very important innovation is the change to page numbering, also in table of ccpntent where it gives to reader a good touch of the structure and prportions of the text, which the ebooks have been lacking in handicap to paper books. Not any more as far as Amazon continues this paractice.

If so revolutionary, why then only four stars and not five? Because this book is not properly finished. There are an incredible number of typos and at least as many inconsistencies of form and structure. For instance in tables for formating the text. Why so narrow tables? In many places forcing the text into cell prisons and leaving more than half of the page empty. It makes even short expressions to be presented on three lines, not beautiful, uneven breadth of colums without any visible logical reason. Ugly, ugly, ugly, just the opposite of the aim and purpose of the concept of this ingenious language guide format. Another inconsistency is order of languages: Italian - English, English - Italian It varies inconsequenly giving an impression of uncareful finishing.

Still for Amazon to improve: please introduce boldly the only sensible timestamp of yyyymmdd to be used in bookmarks etc. Several businesses have introduced it, why not also Amazon?

Feedback to Amazon

My 'Revolution in Learning' MyeBooks system enables notes on errors. Please find at least twenty of them in the otherwise excellent book by Ray: Italian in 21 days. MyeBooks Ray-Italian


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