A Materialist credo

Truthfulness, goodness, beauty. These are the ultimate values in which I believe. 

Religious questions I have contemplated quite a lot between my 15th and 55th years of age (now 61). Now I believe that I have reached clarity: I am an agnostician, I do not know what to believe. A turning point in these matters formed my year in America 1973-74. Then I understood that there are more than hundred different kinds of religiosity and none of them can rightfully boast to be better than the others. After more than 20 years of thinking I have come out to nothing or perhaps I have turned to 'worm' religion. At the end the worms eat me up and I am conscious of nothing more. Other people just remember me for some time. It is fascinating to think how the life of some people continues strong even in this way. Great artists live and influence even after they have died. Most of all I appreciate music: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Sibelius. Then there is the litterature: Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Aleksis Kivi. I appreciate religion, art and scinece at the same time as I am very doubtful about them. I appreciate also very much the message of love of the Christianity, the Mountain Sermon and its main idea: do to your neighbour the same as thou wish that he does to you. This is the essence of my spiritual life. I can just add that during the last 10 years I have very much enjoyed the litterature, but at the same time I have felt that I carry on my life looking around with alien eyes, Dostoyevsky's eyes being my favourite ones ... and great composer's ears.

In materialism the recent economic recession has actually ruined my whole weltbild: I believe in market economy, spiced with the Keynesian salt. And still I believe in Scandinavian welfare society, even if some examples of the Swedish way of life rise some doubts. I also believe that the technical progress is primary. Economy follows after technology. And the basis of the technology is the human ability to find new ways of doing things, for which no end is to be seen. I also do not see any limit to the economic growth, because for me the economic growth means reaching of goals with ever decreasing opportunity costs. There is always a guy who finds a better way... But I feel that I do not know anything of economics, I am not even interested of it any more. With open mouth I listen anybody's ideas about economic matters, and they seem to me as good as mine. 

I believe that automobile has been one of the most important inventions of the humanity. Computer which has been very important to me, perhaps more important than the automobile, has still a long way to go to reach the significance of the automobile in deliberating people from the chains of matter. 

Politically I am an anarchist, but in the old Russian meaning of the word. Individualistic society, no violence: I accept police force but not army. 'The foolishness is concentrated in groups' is my slogan except that I think that I am no good to consider anybody foolish or stupid, perhaps not even a group, although fascism, communism and the green come close. I relate very doubtfully to all those who believe that they know better what other people need. The war in Vietnam made me pacifist, which I am even now. Killing people because they speak different language is not correct. Quite recently I have come to the thought that this outrageous learning of languages is to be explained just this way: wars come out, because people do not understand each others. This lack of understanding can be relieved by learning neighbour's language and way of thinking. 

In these thoughts I live as a kind of Happy Oscar. As a college teacher I am waiting for my pension, making computer programs, reading, and leading an undeservedly happy family life as a husband, a father of two daughters and a Grandfather of two, soon three grandchildren. - This way I thought in May 1996, a little before the Internet came and filled all empty space in my life. 

From the autumn 1996 I have turned to a complete internet-being. Through the internet I feel a real community with the whole humanity. I also believe that the internet gives unlimited possibilities to creative activity. 

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