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The foremost invention since Gutenberg...

Kindle then

Can still be improved significantly.
The following suggestions for improvement of Kindle arise from the experience of practically daily use of android and PC versions of Kindle over a period of two years.

Kindle Now

Better Kindle

1.You must now separately touch the screen in order to have the (place and time) orientation information present. Some readers do not care of it, but some would rather have the orientation information continuously present. It is questionable, whether everybody would like to 'lose oneself in reading'. Some do not. The feature of having orientation information visible or not visible should be an option in settings. We are so firmly oriented to reading books by pages that page markings in addition to locations (what is a location? a pargraph? entry from enter to enter? why not exlain it to the reader?) are a necessity. If paper version page numbering is not available, a fictitious unit of 2000 characters, which is the size of a normal page, could be used.
2. View my notes & marks (clippings) file is a product of my needs and efforts, therefore my property. It seems very strange that I can only see, but not touch it. It is as if big Amazon were confiscating a small reader's private property. View my notes & marks file should be downloadable for writing book reviews and for any further elaboration. (Here my suggestion for a a better notes and marks file: http://www.askokorpela.fi/Kindle/KindleNotes.txt ).
3. Clipboard is available only in the PC version of Kindle. Clipboard should be available for the reader in all versions of Kindle as it is in the PC version. The main use of Clipboard would be in formulating the Notes.
4. Kindle entries to the Clippings file are lacking timestamp, the second important coordinate of human activity. Only place coordinate in form of Location is present. Reading is timeconsuming activity. Therefore Kindle should attach timestamp in all entries (bookmarks, notes, highlights) to the clippings file. The best form of it is 'yyyymmddhhmm', but any regular form would do.
5. Many Kindle books have no table of contents, which severely disturbs reader's orientation to the text. There are books which have it at the end of the text, but no access to it!! All Kindle books should include at the beginning an active table of contents, toc. No toc should be without location or page numbers, because these help the reader to relate himself to the structure of the book. How far is the next suitable stop? How much time I need to reach that point?
6. Orientation about the structure and progress of reading of the ebook (location and time). For easier orientation Clippings file should automatically include all headings. Reader should have the possibility to add into clippings file subheadings for better orientation.
7. Only one kind of highlights available. Reader shoud have the possibility of classifying highlights by suitable markings. Also highlights should be provided with automatic timestamps.
8. Attaching dictionaries to the Kindle books is one of the most ingenious features of Kindle. But why leave it at half way? Dictionary references should automatically be included into the Clippings file. Also Full definition at wish. This would enable the reader to construct word list for learning new words in foreign languages. A separate list of words looked up by reader could also be an automatic feature of Kindle. This is a very important feature for the benefit of language learning. (Here an example of elaborated dictionary output)

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